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02 February 2006 @ 03:09 am
I'm trying to sell this anthology, and this time FINALLY eBay didn't delete it. XDDD


Stinger Vol. 10

What is omitted in the auction.... This is a VERY EXPLICIT BDSM yaoi doujinshi (I think this phrase is why my listing of Stinger anthologies kept get deleted. ^^;;;;; Very beautifully drawn, all artists are published professional doujinka, and it's a rare find.

I also have Volume 7 and 8. Shipping can be negotiated if all 3 is purchased at the same time. These are kept in mint condition. ^^

Thank you!! If you're interested, please email me via eBay or at hieru.pikachuATgmailDOTcom

Thank you! ^_^

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27 January 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Full explanation is on the main site itself.


But the issue is postponed for opening on April 15th. Submissions will be accepted from March 20th-March 25th. I apologize for the delay, but we had kinks to work out and I did not want to publish an unfinished piece. I also want to bring up that because of the delay, we wish Issue One to be a bit larger as an apology. So for the meantime, we WILL be taking submissions in -all- areas, except Artist Interviews (which is full.) If you know anyone interested in participating now that their schedule is cleared up after the holiday stress, please let them know. :)

Areas that are still fairly lacking in content: Reviews and Articles.

(But we will take contributions in all areas sans Artistry at this moment.)

I also want to thank everyone who has emailed me with input. I'm very honored to receive your honest ideas, critiques, and support. Many suggestions -will- be implemented. Now that I finally settled on a steady job (have been struggling with temp work in the past month), I can finally work on Acanthus safely and consistently.

All contributors for Issue One will receive a full-color gift poster with Acanthus's mascot. The design is coming along faster than I anticipated. ^_^ Will be mailing each contributor on this as well.

I'm also working on organizing some contests. They will be listed in Issue One.

I'll be updating more info on the status of the project every two days. Dont forget that the message board is still available for you to pimp your sites/work, share your ideas, and meet other fans in whatever obscure branch of the fandom you're fond of. ;)


PS: I get several inquiries on Article format. There is no standard format; if the article is very inpdeth, we can split it into two pages, so no worries. It can be informative, in list format, or descriptive, in an essay format. Completely up to you, though I may offer revision ideas. I will be posting a pseudo article soon, as as well as a pseudo review, for examples.
04 January 2006 @ 12:00 am
Still organizing submissions. Artists and Writers, if I need any additional data on you, I'll email you this week.

Late submissions may be received as long as they require little to no editing. We are still short on oneshots, original and fan fiction.

Issue One may be a bit small compared to future issues due to holiday stress eating everyone's creative energy. ;)
25 December 2005 @ 11:26 pm

Submissions will be accepted until January 5th for Issue#1 (January/February). Yes, scratch the 25th deadline, you all have 10 extra days now. :)

Submissions from January 6th-February 20th will be included in Issue#2 (March/April)

Submissions we're low on for January:
Reviews. (Any, honestly. We're painfully low here. If you got an interesting game/book/movie for Xmas, write something up on it. ^_~)
Fan Fiction.
Guest Serials.

Comics and Art are already covered, though we could use an additional serialized comic if any of you know artists who would like their pieces promoted.

22 December 2005 @ 10:30 am
After carefully considering suggestions, I have decided to do two things.

#1 The submission deadline for the first issue is now January 5th.
The first issue will be up in the timeframe of January 15th-17th. That’s right, you now have plenty of time to finish up your piece. ^_^

#2 Instead of being a monthly ezine, Acanthus will go by a bi-monthly schedule.
Therefore, to get into the second issue, to be posted on March 15th, you will need to get your pieces in by February 20th. After looking over our schedule, a monthly schedule is a bit difficult, especially with writers and artists who work with a deadline (as well as college/work).

The only pieces directly affected by this are serialized stories and comics. Therefore, they will have 2-3 chapters or 4-7 comic pages per bi-monthly issue, rather than only 1 chapter or 2-3 comic pages per monthly issue.

Thank you to everyone for your input on this! This will be updated on the site and forum later today.

18 December 2005 @ 01:11 am
Dont worry about submitting too many pieces. Keep in mind that if January is full in any given area, turning in a piece may save it for a slot for it in February's issue.

For those curious, the deadline for February pieces is January 15th.

Thanks for your time~~
15 December 2005 @ 09:36 pm
Issue Zero will now simply be called Issue One, to make it easier for Keamos, the programmer. ^_^ (He needs us to start at #1 instead of #0)

Catching up on submission emails tonight. If you are waiting for a response and do not receive one by tomorrow morning, please contact me again. It may not have come through.

Thank you, to everyone who sent me feedback. Has helped me out tenfold.

Today is an update on submissions status. I just finished finals as well, so I completely understand that some of you were planning to hold off until that was cleared up. This is everything I’m currently looking for. If I specifically request something, keep in mind that it’s simply a request. You can deviate from it if you another topic of interest to cover.

Story themes I’d like to see, if you’re at a loss for ideas: Cyberpunk. Sci-fi. Catholic school boys. Military. Gun sex. (Not mafia/yakuza/police/other, but.. gunsex) Modern. Original Mythology. Post/Impending Apocalyptica. Vampires (No more stories trying to copy Anne Rice, come up with a unique take or personal slant on vampires. Look at how movies like The Lost Boys and Modern Vampires.) Unique Fairytale takes. (Grimm’s fairytales can be so inspiring)

What Issue One Still needs.

Featured Serialized Stories (original)
3 confimed.
2-3 needed.
Self explanatory. ;)

Guest Serialized Stories (original)
Needed. Remember to provide me the home page to your pieces. Keep in mind that I am still welcoming guest serials. If your story is not accepted as an Acanthus serialized, I can still feature a chapter to bring attention to your writing site/domain.

One Shots (original)
Also lacking. People may be confused on one shot length. As long as it doesn’t FEEL to the reader that they’re reading 3-4 chapters versus a 1-2 chapter length finishing off a thought/story, it qualifies as a one shot. Pretty much; if it doesn’t feel drawn out, or cut off.

Fan Fiction
It seems that fan fiction is getting nearly no contributions Everyone seems particularly interested in submitting their original pieces. While the art galleries/reviews section will cross over slightly into the fandoms the artists cover, it seems that literally 95% of you are solely interested in fresh new original pieces. Am I interpreting this correctly, should I scratch the fan fiction section, or hold it off from at least the first issue? If there are any fan fiction authors still interested in contributing, please provide your input.

Featured Artists
2 confirmed.
2 needed.
Please poke me on friendly, lesser known artists. Artists, feel free to bring up your galleries if you're interested. Dont be shy.

Comics pages
1 confirmed.
1+ needed. If you are interested in pitching a script idea as a writer, I do have artists who are looking to collaborate.

1 needed.

Featured Article

2 misc. articles confirmed. Would like 2 more, including industry articles.
Seeking a staff writer to cover future yaoi manga/anime releases. If you’re good at gathering this information and would like a monthly article what’s being released, and what’s of particular interest, please contact me.

-Bookshelf (manga, novels)
-Theatre (anime and movies)
-Video Games

Lacking in all review areas. Did you receive a new book, game, movie manga, etc. over the holidays, that crosses over to the yaoi reader’s appeal? We’re also lagging in review submissions. There are plenty of games that cover interesting themes that are appealing artistically and manservicey. There are a plethora of unknown writers who concentrate in homoeroticism.. spread the word on them. Again, this can also be about older series, but if you’re taking an interest slant on them, or reading them again in a new light and wish to share an evolving author or director, please do.
12 December 2005 @ 03:45 pm

Thanks for your patience. :D Will link to this on the website in a bit. Please tell me if the layout is pleasing enough, or if you feel a new category is needed.
05 December 2005 @ 09:52 am
I want to thank everyone for their input on the fiction section. As many of you may know, stories are not my strength (which is why I chose assistant editors for each particular section).

One-shots are primarily 1 chapter length.
The limit for short stories (added) is currently 2-3 chapters length. If they go beyond three chapters, I will feature them as a guest serialized story (where I post one chapter in the magazine, and link to the rest).

Guest serialized stories may be shorter in length than Acanthus serialized stories. (5-6+ chapters) The format of showcasing the first chapter and providing a link to where the readers will find the rest holds.

Thanks again to everyone for their input.

Note: All assistant editor positions in Fiction have been filled.
04 December 2005 @ 07:01 pm
I wonder if the guest stories have to be 10+ chapters long. Because I'm interested in taking that position, but my stories tend to be rather short :/
Weeeell you can check out my stuff at http://www.fictionpress.com/~harlekini and say if any of them could help ya! Oh and additional information about the stories are written on my presentation ^___^
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03 December 2005 @ 09:51 pm


There you go :D

If anything feels off or missing, give me a jab. Our database guy is doing a great job so far, I'm working with him on the side and if all goes well, we'll have a fantastic organization system for contributors. ^_^ Glad to get this page up, very happy the domain resolution went smoothly.

For those wondering if there's a certain story I'm looking for.. damnit, I'm on a classic Catholic schoolboy kick, but I dont want to drag anyone into that. ;)


Edit: For the new members, welcome! Also, you are MORE than welcome to pimp out yaoi sites, related projects, etc., here. Once the message board goes up, I'll have sections specifically for advertisement, but you're more than welcome to introduce yourselves and explain what you do in the community. :)
24 November 2005 @ 09:43 pm
Awesome, got a downpayment on an art commission, which means I can grab the domain and space tomorrow night. The teaser website and some contributor information should be up by Monday, if everything behaves. Still working with the programmer, but it looks like he'll be able to hit everything we need. :) Just need to work on the design for the templates, especially since I need a different skeleton for the artistry and writing sections. After that, I'll post the positions I need for assistant editors, and all the information concerning deadlines and responsiblities those positions would hold.

Thanks you all for your patience and support~~ :)
21 November 2005 @ 11:25 am
I want to thank everyone that's put this community on watch. Thank you for your support!

And thank you to everyone who has been giving me input and asking questions! You covered a few areas that I had not considered, and saved me the time and stress of approaching them at the last minute.

I am posting more details on contributing tonight. Again, it's open to change depending on our limitations with database design (noririn, I may have to kidnap your expertise XD).

Just as a quick note, if you'd like to contact me quickly, I'm always available at:

email: anabel[at]rinlocke.net
AIM: Aelice2000
MSN: soren_rose[at]hotmail.com

I'll be posting progress a few times a week. Our very loose opening schedule to Issue 0 will be between January 1st-15th, IF all goes well with the database we're setting up. *fingers crossed* Again, if you are interested in submitting a piece, again, details will be listed soon, including the first issue's organization and length (and how many pages we'll want to fill). If you are waiting to see how Issue 0 is going to look, I absolutely understand. :)

*laughing* There was a brainstorm that we could open a classifieds section and use advertising income from that to send a journalist to conventions to provide us with a full report. One step at a time. ;)

Domain and webspace will be purchased next week. (I will not receive my paycheck until then) In the future, if bandwidth issues occur, I'll most likely set up a temporary classifieds section, or simply finish a larger version of the mascot render, and sell it as a limited poster to earn the funds needed to keep the project running smoothly. Most likely, I will open up a message board there, though I will be posting the raw progress logs here. While this community is intended to keep everyone up to date on the progress, you are more than welcome to make posts related to yaoi, fangirlism, related subcultures (Novels, Jrock, gaming, etc.), and other material that could be used in the ezine.
20 November 2005 @ 04:18 pm
The Acanthus project is unofficially underway.

The post is honestly nothing more than a hold while we work through early concerns through the remaining brainstorming. I will be posting detailed information for those interested in contributing soon, but my concern at the moment is discussing with the programmer how the database and templates will be designed, so I can accurately give you a correct format to plan by. I'm working with him to see if we can create a steady system that can keep an ezine running smoothly, easy to navigate, and even easier for editors and contributors to maintain. I don't have a drop of programming knowledge in my blood, so a simple but elegant management system is important to me. If any of you have preferences, for the actual organization of the ezine, I am more than open to suggestions. For example, after submitting an article and having it displayed in Acanthus, would you like a reader to be able to respond through a comment system tied to your article, or save space by offering a link to a designated forum for related material?

Ah, but contributor! :D You don’t want to hear my rambles on constructing the system. You want to hear how I plan to accept/review submissions. I'll most likely be doing most of the maintenance, graphic design, etc. I'll most likely put together a staff with a concentration in each realm of the magazine. (Creative Content vs. Reviews vs. Articles vs. Classifieds, etc.) I'll ideally be looking for:

Data contributors -- Articles, reviews, stories, art, etc. You'll flesh out the magazine, and inform, entertain, and (most importantly!) inspire the readers. We're currently deciding how explicit we'd like the content. Whiles this is a yaoi publication, we don’t want to completely narrow are audience down to those with soft-core or hard-core preferences only. A healthy mix, fresh art and writing styles, and deviant themes will be highly sought after. With so much yaoi content already available through the web, we really want to introduce lesser-known, yet no less talented, creative persons. ^_^

Editor work -- What it sounds like! I’d do this myself, but I can be biased in my own personal preferences, so the staff of unbiased section editors would assist ten fold. (For example) If you are an English major who is fond of strong creative writing, you may offer assistance with, say, short stories. Or fan fiction. If I find myself overwhelmed with entries in that area, I'll send them your way to review. You'd then help me find the ideal piece to select for the ezine issue, giving me rough notes on the contributions. It's not very difficult, and editing work would go pretty fast if you would read the emailed piece, then poke me in an instant messenger service with pros/cons. You’d also point out the preferred pieces for that issue, and any rough spelling and grammatical errors you could repair when a particular piece was OKed for the issue.

Research/agent -- This is a fun part. ;) The 'net is a huge place. You'd do the research on possible artists, authors, studios, publishers, etc., who would be open to an interview. Have you ever found yourself not particularly interested in a creative aspect, but found yourself very close and communicating frequently with those who are? You’re perfect for the position, especially if you can find artists and writers who have not had much exposure, despite their raw talent.

For staff contributors, you'd be given a monthly deadline to fulfill the duties you’ve accepted, as well as a personalized section on the site for your profile. Normal contributors (offering a piece once or twice) would be offered a more flexible schedule, and would not be expected to provide a body of work monthly.

Again, these are rough details while we finish up some concerns through the brainstorming process. Fuller details on contribution will be up soon, as will the ezine’s holder domain itself.

* * *

In the meantime, please introduce yourself and toss out anything you'd like to see in your ideal yaoi ezine. ^_^ Again, we're taking in as much information as we can. The first issue that I'll be accepting contributions will be Issue Zero, a test issue to provide a guide for future contributors after the project is fully underway.

Note for the person who was concerned, and in case any of you have the same inquiry: I don't plan to seek profit through this ezine in any way, for those who were concerned. If there are any cost issues with maintaining the website, I'll open a temporary classifieds section to ease them. If you only plan to contribute because you believe I'll be paying the staff.. ^^; I'm sorry. This will be volunteer work, though any pieces published in the ezine WILL absolutely be archived forever, if you wish to use them for a portfolio.